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Welcome to FlashTemplateZone! - The ZONE of great website templates, highest quality and friendly support. In our ZONE we have a huge collection of various types of templates: Flash templates and Website templates, osCommerce templates, Free flash templates, Flash intro templates and free website templates. Why we made it free? For one purpose -to let our customers feel more comfortably at further possible purchase. You can download our Free flash templates and free Website Templates without any CONDITION - truly FREE! Try your skills with our free templates and you will feel confidently. If you feel good with edit, 100% you will be able to edit and customize your commercial template by yourself. If no, than it's not a problem at all. Please refer to CUSTOMIZATION zone. You are free to use our flash templates and other website templates which are in free offer for your personal website use. Please refer to appropriate section for more detail.

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the zone of the Free Flash & Web Site Templates

WELCOME to the great ZONE of the Best Flash Web Site Templates.

Never heard about website template?

Website template can be considered as fully finished web site. It is not semi-finished product. It's ready to be uploaded to the server and starts work immediately. You will need to do tiny work - customize the template your way i.e. add your content and media. The templates are the shortest and fastest way to build web site. The same time this is the cheapest way with huge advantage - you can always see the whole design of your further web site in advance.

Easy Flash Templates

Let us introduce the NEW type templates which has been specially produced for easy editing. This is Easy Flash Template. Easy flash template differs from regular flash template in structure.

To say simply, you need not to dig the flash *.fla file. Everything what you need to edit (text, pictures, text on the button) can be edited in your favorite text or HTML editor like Notepad.
You do not need any special skills in flash any more.

Simply write your e-mail address in the mail.php file which is in the template's package and your contact form is ready to go. Actually in Easy Flash Template everything can be edited in Notepad except template's design itself, but if you still want to change the design of Easy Flash Template, let's take your skills and Adobe Flash version 8.0 software which can be downloaded from their web site HERE.

Art Gallery Easy flash templates
Name: Art Gallery

Type: Easy flash templates

Product ID: 300110495

Tennis club Easy flash templates
Name: Tennis club

Type: Easy flash templates

Product ID: 300110191

Private Lawyer Easy flash templates
Name: Private Lawyer

Type: Easy flash templates

Product ID: 300110398

Art Depo Easy flash templates
Name: Art Depo

Type: Easy flash templates

Product ID: 300111121


Website Templates

Website templates is another great type of template. This is alike Flash template, absolutely finished product with the same requirements regarding custom content i.e. you must enter your text and place media.

What is the difference between Website Templates and Flash Templates? Unlike Flash template, the Website Template is not full Flash. It means that main code in Website template is old good HTML and there also exists flash elements. Its's very efficient and impressive conjunction from the visual point of view as well as complexity.

It's rather easy to edit because HTML is themselves easy to edit and flash elements in there practically do not require extra editing. At least to change the text on the Flash button is not a big deal for everyone.

Car Rental Website template
Name: Car Rental

Type: Website template

Product ID: 300111030

Business company Website template
Name: Business company

Type: Website template

Product ID: 300109765

City Community Website template
Name: City Community

Type: Website template

Product ID: 300110544

Academy Military Website template
Name: Academy Military

Type: Website template

Product ID: 300092672


Free Flash Templates & Free Website Templates

We have created special gallery of Free Flash Templates and Free Website Templates. Actually there is no a big different between those type templates. Free website templates are the same HTML templates just with flash header.

Free Flash templates and free web templates, are the same quality as our other commercial templates. The difference is only that they are free! Everyone can download it and play with them. Try to customize - change text, effects, media and so on. You play with template and the same time you test your skills and learn. This is very usefully for increasing your professional level. We work to increase our free flash templates collection. Just visit our web site frequently and you will find the new free flash templates. We update collection weekly!

In this ZONE you will meet almost every type template. It's up to you which one to choose. You can download all free flash templates or free website templates. There is a no any restriction, but we would suggest to download the same type template which type you probably planning to use for your further web site. Wish you success in your work.

Business Html template
Name: Business

Free Html template

Product ID: 400000005

Tis.Mo.Co Html template
Name: Tis.Mo.Co

Free Html template

Product ID: 300076002

Night Club Html template
Name: Night Club

Free Html template

Product ID: 300076036

Business co Html template
Name: Business co

Free Html template

Product ID: 300076007



Photo portfolio GalleryAdmin flash templates
Name: Photo portfolio

Type: GalleryAdmin flash templates

Product ID: 300110845

Photographer GalleryAdmin flash templates
Name: Photographer

Type: GalleryAdmin flash templates

Product ID: 300110202

Nice gallery GalleryAdmin flash templates
Name: Nice gallery

Type: GalleryAdmin flash templates

Product ID: 300109893

Dark blue GalleryAdmin flash templates
Name: Dark blue

Type: GalleryAdmin flash templates

Product ID: 300109926

Personal folio GalleryAdmin flash templates
Name: Personal folio

Type: GalleryAdmin flash templates

Product ID: 300109922

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